• Agrocomplex "Ivanisovo"

    This is just the beginning

  • Agrocomplex "Ivanisovo"

    This is just the beginning


Pollination by bumblebees

Pollination of tomato culture is carried out by bumblebee families living in the greenhouse.
Finding bumblebees in the greenhouse in the first place allows to achieve better quality of fruits, as well as high yields.

Indoor phytosanitary mode

Plants that develop in an ideal microclimate require the provision of serious protective measures against environmental threats.

The multistage sanitary and hygienic system provides a high level of protection, and also minimizes the risk of plant contamination.

Own seedling offices

The presence in the agrocomplex of two seedling departments allows you to grow your own seedlings and control the quality of plant growth and development from day one.

CO 2 address feeding

Carbon dioxide is the main building material for plants.
In the greenhouse, sensors are installed that monitor the level of CO2 in the zone of location of the main mass of photosynthesizing leaves.
Based on the data obtained from these sensors, the automated system regulates the supply of CO2 to maintain the full growth and development of plants.

Drip irrigation

The drip irrigation system ensures the timely supply of the required volume of water directly into the root zone of the plants.

Watering plants is carried out according to a predetermined program, in accordance with the state and age of plants, the air temperature in the greenhouse, the amount of incoming light.

Lighting system

All branches of the greenhouse are equipped with additional lighting lamps, which makes it possible to grow plants according to the light-culture technology. The use of photoculture allows to obtain a high yield in the winter months, when the natural level of light does not allow plants to grow and bear fruit. The additional lighting system allows the plants not to depend on weather conditions, to give a stable harvest.

Biological methods of protection

As a preventive measure, special insects are regularly populated in the greenhouse, which do not allow microorganisms dangerous for plants to develop.

Fogging system

To regulate the temperature and humidity of the air in each compartment of the greenhouse, an evaporative cooling and humidification system is installed. Water for use in this system is treated through a reverse osmosis system to eliminate the formation of salt deposits in pipes and nozzles, which will lead to the system failure. Depending on the set parameters of humidity and humidification strategy, the system sprays water in the greenhouse in the form of tiny drops, which evaporate during lowering, thereby lowering the air temperature and increasing its humidity.

Climate control system

Weather sensors installed around the perimeter of the greenhouse, read the parameters of weather conditions. Based on the data obtained, the microclimate is adjusted.
The complex automated system in the round-the-clock mode monitors and controls dozens of parameters in the greenhouse, such as temperature, humidity, watering, lighting level.

Контроль качества

Проект нацелен на обеспечение потребителя высококачественной продукцией отечественного производства. 
В ООО «Агрокомплекс Иванисово» разработаны, документально оформлены и внедрены в работу системы управления безопасностью пищевой продукции, обеспечивающие контроль на всех этапах производства, хранения, транспортировки и реализации овощной продукции.   
Для подтверждения уровня организации и соответствия производства международным и российским стандартам, в сентябре 2018 года компания прошла соответствующий аудит и подтвердила свой уровень получением сертификатов соответствия:
Система управления качеством пищевых продуктов на основе принципов ХАССП ГОСТ Р 51705.1-2001;
Система менеджмента безопасности пищевой продукции ГОСТ Р ИСО 22000-2007.



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