Chief agronomist

Being an agronomist for me is a huge responsibility, because, like
people, plants need care, care.
To get a stable crop, you need to be patient, give
attention to every plant.

Personnel Director

Our team is above all incredible people: smart, hardworking,
talented. For me the most important thing is the good weather in the team, only she
can give us a great harvest.

Production Director

Modern agricultural production is difficult
high-tech process.
Our agrocomplex grows fresh, organic vegetables year-round.

Заведующий складом готовой продукции

"Accuracy - the politeness of kings ..."
Due to the high accuracy in the work of my unit and our agro-complex
In general, you always get only the freshest and quality vegetables.

Commercial Director

My main task is to optimize processes ensuring stable growth.
and the development of the company in all directions.