Energy Center GTU-CHP.

GTU-CHP built in the city of Elektrostal in 1999. The decision to build a modern, powerful thermal power plant was made in 1995 in order to ensure the housing program of the city.

The energy center operates in the mode of combined generation of electricity and heat (cogeneration). The joint operation of a gas turbine unit with water-heating and steam boilers allows to ensure the reliability of heat supply to consumers, as well as to reduce specific fuel consumption per unit of heat and electrical energy generated.

Thermal power plant is an environmentally friendly enterprise. Low specific emissions of pollutants are due not only to the gas turbine operating on natural gas, but also to the efficient use of heat released during combustion, as well as fuel combustion technology. The gas turbine is equipped with a unique burner system with dry suppression of nitrogen oxides. The gas turbine cycle uses almost no water - hence the minimal impact on the water basin. The complex of actions provides low noise level.

Today, the station employs more than 80 people. These are highly qualified professionals, most of whom have been working since the company was founded.

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