Cucumber medium spiny

Medium-sized lumpy cucumber. High-yielding shade-tolerant hybrid. The fruit is 18-21 cm long. Greenish medium, cylindrical, dark green color, with short strips, large-hilly. The bumps are not very often well expressed. Weight of silence - 160-180 g. the Taste is great, salad.

Weight products: 6, 8, 9kg

Packed products: 600g

Cucumber medium smooth

The fruit is long, cylindrical and smooth. Great taste, salad. The fruits are smooth without narrowing the peduncle, do not outgrow, green. Fruit length 22-25 cm, weight 180-210 g.

Weight products: 6, 8, 9kg

Packaged products: 250, 600g.

Cucumber short-fruit pimply

High-yield hybrid of early ripening. Valuable for the excellent taste of fruits, completely devoid of bitterness, versatility in terms of cultivation and consumption. The peel is a beautiful dark green colour, tubercles white. In length fruit reach 10-12 see, and in weight 70-90 g.

Weight products: 6, 8, 9kg

Packed products: 450g.

Cucumber longrope smooth

The fruit is very long, with a neck, 35-40 cm, elongated cylindrical, green to dark green with very short stripes, smooth, pubescence white, very rare. Weight 350-420 g.

Weight products: 6, 8, 9kg

Packed products: 300g.

Standard tomato

Medium-sized fruit weighing more than 100g. Salad grade. The fruit is flat-rounded, slightly ribbed, the color of the Mature fruit is red. Shelf life – 14 days, the Weight of the fetus is 120 to 180 g. Taste excellent.

Weight products: 6, 8kg

Packed products: 600, 700g

Tomato on a branch

Excellent presentation and taste, has excellent keeping quality. Fruit weight of 140-200 g. the shape of the fruit is flat-rounded, the surface feebly ridged. Designed to collect both brushes and individual fruits.

Weight products: 5, 6, 7kg

Packed products: 450, 500, 700g

Pink tomato

Pink tomato

Weight products: 5, 6, 8kg

Packed products: 600, 700g